Features & Applications


  • Light

  • Thermal insulation

  • Fire resistant

  • Sound absorption and insulation

  • Chemically resistant

  • Colorability

  • Hygroscopicity

  • Permeability

  • Water retentivity

  • Odorless, Harmless



Slag removal for metal casting

KAGALITE is one of the most ideal materials for removing slag in molten metal since it has so many precise features such as fire resistance, heat insulation, non-water, non-contamination, less heat reflection and oxidation resistance. Those unique features enable KAGALITE to have high efficiency as slag remover and have obtained a respected reputation in the metal casting fields.

Agricultural Chemical Dispersing Agent

KAGALITE is also highly acclaimed within the agricultural industry as it is more than competent as an agricultural chemical transporting means. By utilizing KAGALITE’s porous feature, let it absorb agricultural chemicals and allow it time to soak into the soil. In addition, no harm is done to agricultural produce as it is a 100% natural product.

Light Alloy Molding Sand

Since it has gas purging effect, precise and smooth casting is available.


Due to KAGALITE’s fire resistance and light weight, it is used as a fire-proof paint which contains cement or plaster, as well as a general paint due to its easy coloring power.

Sprayed Wall Material

KAGALITE is light and strong enough as well as being durable even if heated. Since it is a mineral substance, it does not produce harmful gas in the event of fire. This makes it suitable as an interior or exterior wall material and it prevents due condensation to its porosity.


KAGALITE is mixed with molding soil for plants such as bamboo and cacti, house plants, etc. It helps to keep water and oxygen in the soil and promotes plant growth.

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  • Solid porous granule creates a breathing effect to supply oxygen to plants promoting the plant's grow.
  • Good water retention prevents soil from drought.
  • Good water absorption assists storing fertilizer, improving good fertilizing efficiency.
  • Good water drainage prevents root decay.
  • Any kind of fertilizer can be used without acidity adjustment due to its neutral PH value.
  • It does not contain any virus or organic substances in it, so it is odorless and harmless.


KAGALITE is very efficient for filter media since it is porous and light. Specially, it is very effective for capturing suspended substances in water as shown by the number of the true specific gravity 2.4~2.6 and bulk specific density, 0.65~0.75.

  • Pool, bath tab circulating filtration
  • Iron removal
  • Circulating filtration system in fish feeding ponds and garden ponds
  • Filtration of oily drainage and sewage
  • Bio-filtration by increasing bacteria living in an area


KAGALITE is used as light aggregate material for blocks, tiles and ready mixed concrete